Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wish You Were Here

Who I should have invited to the Duran Duran concert, instead of The Viking, is Dave.

Oddly enough, Dave and I met in person before our blogworlds ever collided. At the party, I remember asking him if his name was really Dutch, which is what was embroidered on his Kensington Market bowling shirt. I remember him telling me he was from Chicago. Then he went on the field trip to the secret swing, and I went back out on the patio in search of Zippos. Later, when The Redhead mentioned her old friend Dave, and even later, when I heard some blogger named Logan's Dave had added me to his blogroll, I failed to make the connection.

A couple of weeks ago Dave posted something about a kilt. Kilts, for me, have much the same effect as Zippos. We got to chatting. Via email and bloggitorily.

I knew from my site stat counter that he was reading my Jack and Diane story, but I didn't hear from him until I posted Part IV. Then I received this:

From: Logan's Dave
To: Postmodern Sass
Date: March 8, 2005
Subject: Wait, wait, wait.

Are you telling me that in addition to men in kilts, hockey, and karaoke, that you also enjoy fine single-malt scotch?
I replied:
From: Postmodern Sass
To: Logan's Dave
Date: March 8, 2005

Yes. And never, never with ice.

And you, in addition to having a kilt, loving hockey and Douglas Adams, also are a cat lover and sing karaoke?

Where were you when I posted this comment on Accordion Guy's blog?
There ensued a lengthy e-conversation in which we remembered who the other had been at that party in November, and discovered that we not only share a German heritage, but that we both lived in Kitchener, home to the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. Though not at the same time.

After I posted the final entry in The Viking Trilogy, he sent this email:

From: Logan's Dave
To: Postmodern Sass
Date: March 15, 2005
Subject: Not again

You're a Tarantino fan as well? Oy.
I think he meant that "oy" in a good vey. I'm not always clueless. Viking, schmiking!

Dave said he was tempted to quote a Pink Floyd song.

"We don't need no education?" I asked. But I knew which one he meant.

I also know he's reading this.

Dave, I wish you were here so I could take you to Duran Duran on April 5. I have a friend who works at the Air Canada Centre. I don't just get tickets, I get escorted to the Air Canada Club, and watch the show from there. So...

...if you're ever in Toronto again...

...and if there's ever hockey again...

Oh — and bring your kilt.
* * *

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