Friday, March 18, 2005

Working For The Weekend

Before I turn my attention to counting down the hours until I get on the plane to New York and obsessing about whether I'll be stood up tomorrow at Sara's wedding — which will be any minute now — I want to say thank you to several of my readers who've emailed me this week. So, thank you
Mo, for saying exactly the right thing ("His loss.") exactly when I needed to hear it.

Ronnie, for telling me I looked beautiful in my red taffeta dress last Thursday at the Rose & Thorne. (It was a karaoke costume, for singing Connie Francis.)

Mike, Paul, and Marco, for offering to "take care of The Viking" for me.

Norman, for amusing me by pointing out that the stemware goes in the china cabinet, though the name would seem to suggest otherwise.

Dave, for pointing me to this site, thereby proving he's a bigger nerd than I am.

Tim K, for linking to me, and for playing guitar.
I've said it before, I've said it over to your right, and I'll say it again: It never ceases to amaze and delight me that you are reading my stories. It occured to me today to wonder why so many of my readers are men. I have no answer to that question, but it does make me wonder.

My plane leaves in 17 hours. The wedding is at 6:00 tomorrow evening. As Loverboy says, everybody needs a second chance. But if he stands me up again, it's over.

Wish me luck.
* * *

Go to the next story in sequence, in which Sass, home from the wedding, her hair still in its Phoebe bun (and only slightly squished), goes to the Rivoli and has a Very Embarassing Experience. Or, skip ahead to find out whether Jack stood her up To sing the next chorus of Working For The Weekend, click here..


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